Ridebooking App

Ridebooking App

Android & iOS

We develop app for Android and iOS users to get professional experience and develop app according latest versions to reach maximum people.

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Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. To use material design in your Android apps.

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Android is very good at multitasking ability. The notifications of Android are also very efficient and includes emails and updates from social sites and widgets.

Front Panel

Services provided to the Users in RideBooking app

User Profile Management

User can manage their profile in app after the registration

  • User can manage their profile by submitting or editing their details in app after the registration.
  • User can see their ride history,scheduled and cancelled rides.
  • User can also report the problems to the support team.
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Location And Ride Setting

User can select Ride and Location as per their requirement

  • User can select multiple ride type.
  • User can also change their location(country,state and city) or use their current location.
  • User can also schedule advance ride booking.
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Estimate Distance, Duration and Fare

User can estimate fare and distance using the app.

  • User can estimate the real time distance from their location to the destination.
  • User can also estimate the time to reach their destination.
  • User can estimate fare of their ride.
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Real Time Chat And Navigation

User can see route navigation as well as can use real time chatting features while their ride.

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Feedback, Ratings And Reviews

User can give the rating and feedback to the app.

  • User can share the application as well as can give the Reviews.
  • User can also rate any ride.
  • User can give feedback.
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Back Panel

Services provided to the Admin in ridebooking application


Admin can manage users, ride and fare through
the dashbaord.

  • Admin can manage user and edit the details of the users.
  • Admin can accept/reject the rides.
  • Admin can manage the wallet of users.
  • Admin can set the terms and conditions to the app.
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Manage Ride Category

Admin can add and manage the ride type category in
the app.

  • Admin can add ride type according of the vehicles.
  • Admin can create unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories for ride.
  • Admin can set the price of ride on the basis of their types.
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Manage Coupons Area Wise

Admin can add area wise promocode or coupons in the app.

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Manage Payment Method And Company Earning

Admin can select payment method and manage the comapny earning.

  • Admin can select country wise payment method.
  • Admin can see and manage the company earning on weekly,Monthly,Daily and Yearly basis.
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Trip Management

Admin can manage Completed, Running, Scheduled and
Canceled Trips.

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Support User Report Management

Admin can see the feedback and send notification to all.

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Document Management

Admin can keep records of the verified drivers documents such as Driving License, Identity Card etc.

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