E-Commerce Application

E-Commerce Application

Android & iOS

We develop app for Android and iOS users to get professional experience and develop app according latest versions to reach maximum people.

Material Designing

Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. To use material design in your Android apps.

User Friendly And Fastest Performance

We scan your email for spam, phishing attacks, malware and viruses. All offending mail is held in secure quarantine in our network. Your users can receive a quarantine report containing recently stopped messages.

Spam Free

Android is very good at multitasking ability. The notifications of Android are also very efficient and includes emails and updates from social sites and widgets.

Front Panel

Services provided to the Customers in e-commerce application

Product Wise Visibility

Product management by Customers

  • Customer can see products of nearby stores.
  • Customer can search product using search bar as well as using barcode scanner.
  • Customer can add product to their wishlist.
  • Customer can raise the callback request to the store for the products.
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Wallet Options

Customer can manage their wallet.

  • Customer Can load cash to their wallet for easy and fast checkouts.
  • Customer can redeem rewards points that will added to their wallet.
  • Customer can refer app and and earn credit points.
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Delivery Services

Customer can manage their own delivery services for their orders.

  • Customer can choose date and time according to their convenience.
  • Customer can add/manage their address.
  • Customer can see their current as well as past orders.
  • Customer can use coupons on orders.
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Feedback,Ratings And Reviews

Customers can give the rating and feedback to the app.

  • Customer can share the application as well as can give the Reviews.
  • Customer can also rate any product.
  • Customer can give feedback.
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Other Services

There are also many services are available to the customers
such as:

  • Customer can switch the App language according to their convenience.
  • Customer can also switch on/off in-app notification/order mail/order messages.
  • Customer can reach you via call,whatsapp and email.
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Back Panel

Services provided to the Admin in e-commerce application

Add/Manage Users

Admin can see the total number of registered user and edit the details of the user using Application

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Products And Pages

Admin can manage the products and set the terms & conditions for the application

  • Admin can add master product by standard price(can be changed later).
  • Admin can create unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories for the products.
  • Admin can approve the products which are added in the app.
  • Admin can also add products variant in bulk via .csv file.
  • Admin can set the rules or terms & conditions for the application.
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Wallet Options

Admin can add amount to users wallet and also can see the recharge history of users.

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Payment And Reward System

Admin can manage payments and rewards of customers

  • Admin can set per rewards points on cart values and set redeem points
  • Admin can select payment mode for the App.
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Area And Order Management

Admin can manage the order as well as area for the stores and customers

  • Admin can add cities/socities/areas.
  • Admin can check pending orders,completed orders,rejected or cancelled orders,day wise and missed order.
  • Admin can cancel and assign missed orders to delivery boy for next day.
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Delivery Boy Management

Admin can add delivery boy and assign it to the store and also can set the incentive as per orders.

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Feedback And Notificatons

Admin can see the feedback and send the notification to all

  • Admin can see users,staff and delivery boys feedback and callback request.
  • Admin can send notification to users and delivery boy.
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