Inventory Software

Inventory Software

Inventory Software  Designed for Growing Businesses.

Small and growing businesses can use this software to easily manage their inventory across multiple channels and devices.

  • Tracking of your manufacturing products, including individual products as well as combinations of them that are used to create other products and services.

Maintain Business Process

You can maintain and manage your business flow, for example, if your company manufactures Clothers, you can maintain and manage the process as: Fabric Cutting Ironing Packing Stock

  • Customized module to suit your business routine
  • Keep track of Raw Materials and Finished Goods Stocks.
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How Software Work?

Customized Software for Business such as Grament,Furniture and Masala etc.
Let's take an example of furniture manufacturing
If you want to build a table the process flow will be as follow:-

  • Raw Material:-You'll gather the raw materials needed to construct a table, such as wood, scissor, ply, and glue.
    Pre- and post-order raw materials can be stored.
    Pre-Order:Where you can build stock based on customer request
    Post-Order:-You can maintain and manage stock for selling
    Software:-In our software you can maintain and manage raw materials and quotation of pre-order , where you can take revision of quotation with your client
  • Intent:-Once you've gathered your raw materials, you'll make a list of how much of each item you'll need to construct the table, such as glue: 1, ply sheets: 2 and screws:10 and so on,after that you'll see available stock of your requirement
    Software:-You can maintain and manage your raw material stock in our software, and if any or individual items are out of stock, the software will automatically send a purchase order to the vendor for that item.
  • Process Management:-After you get required raw material and their stock ,you will begin to construct the table
    Software:-You can maintain and manage your process such as required time , how much items and their quantity is actual used and etc. , you can make and store estimation based on it
  • Finished Goods:-Finally, your product has been constructed, and you are now ready to Delivery
    Software:-You can maintain and manage your finished goods
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You can generate 'n' number of reports according to your product's requirement.
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Customized Formula

You can create your own custom formula for converting raw materials into finished goods
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Manage Your Business Inventory

You can maintain and manage the inventory of your company's products.

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